Saturday, 26 May 2007

Fish out of water

Well I have now finally realised it is the 21st century and time to start blogging like the rest of the world. I suppose you could call it peer pressure.
I feel a bit like a fish that has jumped out of the bowl. Who knows maybe I will develop a flare for cyber space. I ask my friends to make sure I stick to this as I am a good procrastinator.
I want to use this little space to share the goings on in this little head of mine. To make them subject to public viewing may or may not be advisable.


  1. Hi Joy, I've been trying unusuccessfully to find you in church - How did the exams go??????

    (PS I don't really have a blog, just a blog name)

  2. About time you started sharing with all us bloggers. Look forward to hearing your stories.
    Good to see you in Cell last night...oh yeh you weren't there!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world. Will stick you up on my link list.x

  4. will put u on my blog -gd to see ya. Now I'm hoping my two preachy pals-u and steve will keep the online sermons lit!

  5. Cheers guys I feel popular keep kidding myself!