Thursday, 21 June 2007

Good times at the van..

I took my wonderful youth cell group from church up to my sister's caravan in Kilkeel this week...banter!

We made our way up to the land of mourne on Wednesday evening. On route we stopped in Tesco and got stuff for a BBQ. We also got our C.O (Carry Out)....not buckfast you will be glad to know. They talked me into joining them in trying Teso's answer to red bull, Kick, and boy did it give us the kick we needed to stay up all night long! We ended up on Cranfield beach at 1 am having a camp fire and toasting marsh mallows...gotta love it!

These girls have been such a blessing to me this year. Its amazing to watch them grow into the young women of God that they are being called to be. I have watched their hearts break for their youth pastor this year, I have heard the prayers from their hearts for their friends and families and I have personally experienced their warm encouragement. They think I'm their leader but they have lead me to places of truth and to a deeper understanding of faith.
We sang a few songs around the fire ...totally out of tune but it was amazing to hear the girls express their love for God...

Pastor Kirsty read us a bit from the notes in her iconnect bible which we all got quite excited about..

"As I listen to the groaning of creation for its creator, heard in every alley, every bar, every church, every home and every heart, I will hope that for every human cry there is an answer. Hunger was not created for the sake of being hungry but for the sake of the experience of being filled with what is good"

These girls have all experienced a hunger in their young souls and they are now sure that they have found the source that will satisfy down to the inner core. They have been filled with what is good and they want more! They can hear the hunger groans of the world and they long to spread this good thing around. Watch this space these girls are armed and dangerous!

Jinners aka Jayne Clarke came with us this week to help me keep the teeny boppers under control. Ever pray that someone would get to know Jesus and then go beyond you? Well I'm watching it happen and its exciting.

Recommend the kick for a lethargic does the trick...even if it is rocket fuel.

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