Monday, 22 October 2007

Simply yourself

"If you are content to be simply yourself you will become more than yourself" (Lk Ch14 msg)
The story in Luke ch 14 about the banquet has struck a cord with me this week. Its basically about a big bash where misfits are invited along with the higher classes. The basic message is that the stuck up folk fall flat on their faces, even losing their places. Those that are humble and accept their place settings end up exceeding themselves, being elected to greater positions. Those that are happy to be simply themselves become much more.
What a difficult task in the world that we live in, even the "christian culture" that we can become a part of, to be content with "simply ourselves". It has been a difficult concept for us humans to grasp for centuries.
I am fully aware that it is in that place of self acceptance that God has his best grip on me. I know that God will never let go of me but I believe that its my responsibility to position myself at exactly the right angle for him to scoop me into his will and into my destiny. For him to be my JUSTIFIER.
I often try to justify myself. I open my mouth and empty prideful words come out that conjure up a picture of me that is a bit skewed, a bit more clean cut. There are times when we should just sit, be still, quiet. Maturity in God can provide us with the inner confidence that makes us realise that we don't have to spout all the time. We don't have to let people know how many mission teams we have been on, how many speaking events we have coming up or how many christian books we have read that month. I give these examples as I don't think that it is flashing our money and our status that is always the problem. Sometimes it is how celebrity we are in the christian world, not what you know but who you know....a VIP at the banquet.
The real you is special.
Not special because of what you have achieved, what you look like, what your job is, who you date, who you know...
Special because you were created in the image of God. Its not about you..its about who he wants to be through you.
God says I am his
God says I am worthy
He is my justifier...He says I'm OK so I don't have to prove myself, I'm not sub optimal.
When I allow him to play this role I become more beautiful than when I have a thousand impressive words to say or pretty dresses to wear. I become the real me, settled in who I am, grounded in God...simply myself.
I then figure out the this simple girl that I am can become so much more. Just a girl but full of the resurrection power of God.. I can touch people with God. I can love people with his beautiful heart.
Sometimes this simply yourself concept involves being vulnerable. Not pretending that you are too strong to need help, not being too ashamed to admit when we have screwed up.
The powerful thing about this is that when we become happy with our simple selves, we drop the act. We are real.
People that are real are attractive.
Perhaps we hold people back from embracing God when we make ourselves out to be more then we are. A little reality may push those who feel "not good enough" to just lay themselves bare before God too and accept themselves...soon to realise that when God gets involved they become much more than they ever thought possible. A high seat at the most beautiful, eternal banquet.

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  1. I love your blog Joy, its always so connected to something I'm already thinking about but unable to express. Keep'er lit! xx