Wednesday, 26 March 2008


After a manic week at work last week I have enjoyed the Easter break. Time with family and friends is precious. My Sunday was spent at my aunts with my family. Awesome food and laughter...I'm talking kinks...roughly every five minutes. My father is a funny man and kept us entertained. Good times.

I have never felt so thankful for God's rest. I can say with certainty that by the end of last week I was tired. A bit burnt out maybe. What better way to revive heart and mind than with the spirit of God. I am parked on the sofa with a coffee, my journal and wearing my slounging gear.

Was reading about Jesus' miracles this morning. A healer, a prophet, the son of God and yet in Mathew ch 12 it says, "No one will hear his voice in the street".
He didn't make a song and dance about himself. He just was himself.
Sure, he "did" things that were pretty impressive but my feeling is that his focus was primarily on "being" rather than "doing".
He lived an honest, full life and out of "being" himself flowed the wonders of God that he ended up "doing".
I think I often get that the wrong way round!
I guess its all about the source.
My friend Alain always used to say.."Instead of trying to change our acts we should just find the right source".

In Math ch 12 v33 it says,
" Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad. For a tree is recognised by its fruit".
I personally know that when I am sourced in the good stream, goodness flows form my mind, my mouth, my hands, my eyes, my life.
When the stream gets murky I end up with fruit that can look OK but doesn't taste too good..or just nothing. There is nothing worse than an unproductive life, an unproductive day even!
Jesus was sourced in the Father. He laid aside his flesh, time and energy to dwell in and not just visit that source. From there the water and life of God flowed through his very veins producing a life that was much more than just air in and out.
A life of Spirit. A life covered and saturated in the glory and presence of God.
That presence that creates beauty from dirt.
The sick touched....and healed.
The poor touched.....and provided for.
The hungry fed, the lost found.
Not found by human persuasion but actually sought out, chased and captured by God himself.
I love it when people don't give you a choice on their love.
God does that. He tells us how it is...he just loves us...he pursues us.
Jesus left people with less of a choice than what we do sometimes as "evangelical" Christians. People only needed to experience the fruit of his life and they couldn't resist but to seek out the source.
I love the simplicity of that.

Source yourself.
Sit down at your seat at the table-not someone elses. Be satisfied with where you are placed and find the right people to sit and share with. Understanding who we are is vital to a life sourced and settled in God.

He has gifted you.
There are ways that you can hear and see and feel him that no one else on earth can.

I experience the presence of God as an actual physical touch on my skin. I cant describe what it is like but I know it so well. I recognise it every time its on me. I believe that no one else in the world experiences it in the exact way I do.

I hear God speak, not audibly as others do but in my thoughts. I hear deep truths about life and love and freedom. I see down into people through their eyes and down into their soul.
I look out at creation and I feel the strong pull of adventure and euphoria towards my creator. Sitting on a beach, standing on a mountain with my arms towards the sky like a lunatic, ready for more and anticipating the fullness of heaven.

We are each hear and feel and see God in our own individual way.
Even when we read God's word we each interpret and imagine what we read in different ways. Instead of arguing over doctrines maybe we should simply wonder at the beauty of our diversity.

Sometimes I am too busy trying to "do" more for God and miss the idea that I just need to be myself....sourced in Him. Positioning myself to be at the right place for him to infuse me.

What will it take?
It might start with a whisper, a pen, a notebook, a friendship, a trip to somewhere beautiful, a risk, a gift.
Whatever it takes it excites me to imagine a life sourced in God, producing and cultivating a freedom and joy that provokes a curiosity about the source.

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