Thursday, 17 January 2008


"When he appears we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is.
Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure".


When we fully see someone we cannot help but become like them if we love what we see.
Naked truth can change the soul and the world.

If our hope is not in the flesh but in the naked, dressed down, real, Jesus. Not the one that the statues portray but the one who spits in the dirt to heal the blind, hangs out with prostitutes and loves the leper.

If we hope in him and trust in his way we are purified. Our heart is dipped into a bucket of water, the thirst quenching stuff...real holy water.

How could we not be crystal clear?

Do you ever have a better day than when things seem pure?
When you feel connected with others, when your day has mattered, when you give of yourself. that not what we long for in our messy lives..

What does it mean to be pure?
In our wee country of religion automatic words spring to, t total...

O.K people with these qualities have good morals but does it qualify us as pure?
A "fast" as the bible states is to loose the chains of the oppressed, bring liberty to the captives, love the least.

You see our world needs a church that sees Jesus...the real one not just the religion. The heart of God.

Naked and Pure.
If we see him we WILL change and be like him. We will have a purity that will burn the eye like the sun. Then the world can see past our fluffed up good living, boring as watching paint dry christianity and catch the dream.

People are in prison.
People are starving.
People are abused.
People are in chains.
All over the world and even on our door step.

I would love chains to be loosed by God through his people.
I personally would love to see a few more people in hospital give up their suicide attempts.
I'd love to see a few more kids in Thailand rescued from the brothels in which they are chainned- literally.
I would love to see a few more families in Africa eat a decent meal every day and put shoes on their feet.
I would love this more than a lot of "stuff".

I guess I want to live in the life that God had ordained for me which is much less selfish than it is now. Its a life that sells out and gives it all away in order to gain an invisible, supernatural wealth of spirit.

Is it just me...are we all longing for this somewhere inside?
Are we truely satisfied with our "me me me" lifestyle. Personally it leaves me a bit clogged up , the water gets mirky and i feel incomplete.

I know what gives me real joy as opposed to just happiness.
So Im pencilling in some changes in 2008. These things will likely go unnoticed by others and definitley wont win me a seat at the high achievers table but Im looking forward to an eternal table that will never be empty. A table where last is first.

Thank God that one day I will see him FULLY. Accept then I will have eternal eyes to look at him forever without even a blink.
Cant wait.

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  1. Joy - found your blog as you are linked via a few friends. I have to say I found your blog refreshing and focused.

    I nearly didn't read it and two or three times pulled up the page and closed it again. Mainly because I was feeling so guilty as I know that my vision, focus and 'ideal' of who I am and what I should be actively doing is not up to scratch as much as I would like.

    Thats how I know its a good post. Thanks for sharing your vision. It really made me question a few things.