Thursday, 10 January 2008

Sexy is..

Well January did that happen.

I had such a great Christmas and New Year with family and friends. January really has started with a bang for me. I kind of wrecked my car in the snow on my way home from work on Friday morning..had just finished 7 nights of work and was feeling all smug that I had a whole week off. Slightly scary experience. People say though that it makes you think about life and how you really ought to make the most of it but for me I just got out of the car, drank a cup of tea and then went to bed. Leaving my poor father to deal with the mess.

I now have a new car and just a couple of bruises to tell the tale.

Anyway I was at church on Sunday night. It was nice to be back after not getting for ages. Phil was speaking and he was nearly leaping of the platform with Passion. He said that when he gets to meet Jesus he wants to be totally wrecked saying...."I gave that my best shot"

I left church asking myself....What makes you tick Joy, what are you going to give your best shot?

I am determined to spend my life on the things that make me catch my breath, the things that make my heart thump inside me.

I have just started thinking about what makes us tick as, fame, flattery, attention, money, success...etc etc.

About the sex thing.
Sex is a gift from God, not that I am an expert but I guess God has been speaking to me about his idea of what it means to be sexy in the true sense. I read Sex God by rob bell a while John I am not trying to be the female rob bell but his take on Sexuality and spirituality is really interesting.
The title of my post is not some sort of on line dating scheme..well..

I reckon sex that the world lays on a plate is easy...satisfying for a while but leaves people a bit empty I guess. 2D in a way.
God offers a 3D life when our connections with people in friendships or even sexually are fulfilled. There is something deeper where we feel secure and full of peace. There is a sparkle, a twinkle in our eye that is more than mascara and eye glitter...soul,love,passion.

A sexy person in my opinion is someone who is comfortable in there own skin, someone who connects deeply with others and someone who loves the least.

You see when you figure out what makes you tick and live in it you will be sex on legs!
You will attract those around you as sparks fly out of your life. Living in your purpose. Living by giving your life away and taking risks that cause others to think your a crazy ass.

I'm writing like I'm on drugs, I realise, but I have decided this year to just say what I think,
to live in my purpose of speaking truth and cutting through religious crap.

Part of who I am is loving the poor. I cant shake it. When I hear a soulful song on the radio my soul takes my mind to places were there are beautiful people who have very little, who are sick, lonely, lost. And there am I in the middle of them. If that's not a dream I don't know what is.
Will I settle for an OK life....i could and it would be OK but I'm pretty determined to get a bit of the supernatural stuck in there. Where things happen that make me wonder if heaven is already here.

Sexy....well I'm single as ever but pretty sure that as I live in my purpose, comfortable in my own skin I will have the depth of God that will speak more than just superficial surface stuff. And I'm not afraid to express how sexy I feel on the inside, on the outside.. within limits.

When it comes to finding my guy it will definitely be about the 3D, the depth and connection that is good on the surface and the soul...

God is good.
As Bono who also is a pretty sexy man says,
"God is with the poor
and God is with us if we are with them. "
(see my links for his full speech)

God inside people is sexy. Physically and fact it stops me separating the physical and the spiritual as it all just rolls into one.


  1. I'm not sure 'sexy' is the word I would use for what you are describing... but I do like the way you use words courageously and unconventionally, without inhibitions. :-)

    ... and keep going for your dream!


  2. a new visitor to your blog, you've just made me cry!! in a good way. thanks for your honesty and passion which is jumping out of the screen!

  3. Molar loves himself , John is a gay man now and Joy loves someone weirdly named 3D. good post.