Sunday, 31 May 2009

Love is Strong..

I consider myself to be a bit of a sop. I mean I just love a real good romantic movie, and I get that warm fuzzy feeling when there is a happy ending. I always say....ahh when i see a nice wee baby or a wee old couple holding hands when they walk down the road. Lovey dovey!!
Its funny though that sometimes our impression of the word love and God's love can make us cringe or make us think its a bit soft or girly. Where is the grr in us Christians...where is the fight in us....surely its not in our love??

The more experience I have of loving people the more I am aware of the power and strength that comes with that. It takes courage to love at times and it requires self sacrifice. It also coincidentally makes the enemy nervous.
I have talked before about the experience that I had in Thailand working with organisations that reach out to those involved in the sex slave trade. When I was there I got a really clear grasp of the idea of love being a weapon. Instead of feeling warm and fuzzy I felt the deep love and heartache of a father for his children, I felt the strong force of compassion drawing me closer to people and I felt the anger of God towards the enemies destruction....It was strong and deep and it had impact.
Some of the places we visited we quite literally hell on earth where sin was rampant. Darkness even in the scorching sun and the only light i could see, and I am not just being Christian about it, was the love of Jesus.
I reminded myself of 3 things.
1.There is a God
2.There is an enemy...I believe i stared him in the face.
3. Love changes peoples hearts.

As we love people with the heart of God we provide a light to guide them to the path God has for them...towards their hope and their future.

I have many dreams about my future. I would love to do some of the things that i have dreamt of. However as I continue on the journey and as at times i get a bit disheartened, I have realised that the best way to remember , refill and refresh your dream is simply to love those around you. As we love the least and the not least we remember...oh yeah this is what I am living for.
Proverbs 3 the msg
"Don't loose your grip on love and loyalty. Tie them around your neck, carve their initials on your heart".

No mater where we want to go in life, we actually can conclude that if Christ is in us then the bottom line of our dream will be the love others.

My house mate told me that she was praying with some people recently and they all started to call out their dreams one by one, She was blown away as every ones dream involved loving others, from homeless shelters to African clinics.

Love is the strongest force that lives, Its not weak it has the power to make change. God is love