Saturday, 18 July 2009


Ok so there have been a few developments in my life since I was last on here, there is the fact that I have a new job come August in Downpatrick, there is the fact that I have been on 2 very lovely holidays with some very special people and most significantly there is the fact that I am getting married.....ahhh....the excitement!

I have been very blessed to have met the man I love, who was made to be my other half, who looks after me... cause lets face it I need looking after, and who makes me laugh a lot!!
I am full of hopes and dreams. God is good. 
Togetherness is such an amazing thing. Someone to journey life with. Someone who will be your number one fan and you theirs.

I once heard a guy speak at a church service. His talk was pretty deep and was about serving God and loving others. He said a lot of stuff that challenged and that made sense but I remember significantly what he said in conclusion.
I think his exact words were, "I could talk all night but I want to sum things up by saying, I want to love my wife and my children and serve them as Jesus would."

This is a new time for me. I have always dreamed of serving God in lots of different ways. I have a fondness for people that have less blessing in their life than me. I also  want to make it a priority to love my husband with my whole heart and serve him as best I can. I know that then God can use us together and individually to serve him in who knows what ways. He already does.
I am amazed at the beauty of togetherness. 
Joy Bell....Is that not the happiest name ever!!!
Bring on the Dings!!!!